What We Do

At the heart of every successful film campaign is its data and how it is utilized. The Causeumentary team has a proven track record of building relationships with screening hosts and creating a groundswell of demand for documentaries impact campaigns. We provide valuable strategic guidance to optimize a film’s website and turn the inbound traffic into a communications pipeline for potential screening hosts. This is achieved by integrating a screening host form on the film’s website with a CRM (we recommend Highrise). We will work with the film’s email provider (we strongly recommend Gmail and Mailchimp) to set up a screenings email address and to monitor the film’s email communications. Causeumentary will benchmark the success of the film’s follow-up correspondence against industry standards for open and click rates for emails relating to the impact survey and request for five star reviews.

We email and call every potential host and provide these volunteers with a robust screening kit to guide them in their marketing and outreach efforts. Additionally, we institute a comprehensive screening host tracking system. Causeumentary has developed a customized path to track each screening host’s activity level. From their first inquiry to sending an impact survey after the screening, Causeumentary is building a relationship with the screening host at every step in the process through consistent and reliable communication. In the second phase of this strategy, Causeumentary will leverage these relationships built with the screening hosts and attendees to generate buzz and positive reviews on VOD platforms to ensure a successful digital launch.



Impact Campaign Management

  • Create a digital screening kit with content provided by the filmmakers that includes outreach templates, customizable film posters, social media content and sample press release
  • Build relationships with screening hosts to ensure that they have a good experience and can become ambassadors for the film to write reviews and recruit additional hosts
  • Create custom reports to update the film team on the status of screening conversions
  • Serve as the main point of contact for the screening hosts and work with Tugg to troubleshoot any problems
  • Develop a set of concrete actions for partner organizations and fans to have their networks endorse the film and increase the visibility of screenings



  • Implement a tracking system to accurately capture data of potential screening hosts and report on successful screening conversions
  • Recommend optimized website form and communication pipeline to track screening hosts
  • Propose website changes including host screening form, resource kit and showcasing screening events
  • Have a dedicated screenings email address to direct all screening questions to
  • Work with Mailchimp to monitor open and click through rates of emails
  • Create an impact survey to measure the impact of the film on its audience
  • Report on the stage of each screening host and number of screening


Digital Strategy

  • Work alongside the film team to develop an effective social media brand strategy
  • Serve as a resource for the film team for social media best practices
  • Create social media packets and reach out to partners for campaign cross-promotion and endorsements online
  • Utilize Facebook Live at high profile screening events
  • Activate screening hosts and attendees for a successful digital launch


Kickstarter Campaigns

  • Create an overall Kickstarter campaign strategy, campaign blueprint and execution plan
  • Draft social media content to create the look and feel of the campaign
  • Develop potential Kickstarter perks and donation levels
  • Provide demographic and economic segments of targeted donors with corresponding content designed specifically for each group
  • Present a digital budget comprised of Facebook video ads and Google TrueView In-Stream ads aimed at increasing the campaign’s visibility and financial contributions
  • Provide a target list of potential partner organizations and individuals on Twitter and outreach list for bloggers in this space